Campground in Reykjavik, Iceland

Campground in Reykjavik, Iceland

My name is Adalberto "Nick" Garza, and I'm a game developer who loves unusual verbcentric games. By day I'm a Media Producer at Cengage Learning, and by night I work on an assortment of game projects.


I am the UX Designer, Producer, and co-founder of One and a Half Beards, a two-man studio that tackles contracts and our own shenanigan filled games.

I also started Team Future with some friends to create Black Hat Cooperative. My primary role has been game and level design for this project, but as one of the co-founders, tasks can take on any shape or form!

If you'd like to get in contact regarding networking, contracts, employment opportunities, or just to talk shop, please contact me!

Phone: 956.330.8200