One and a Half Beards begun when Albert McClelland and I participated in Juegos Rancheros' Adventure Time Game Jam. Since then we've been smashing jams and working on fun projects whenever we can!

For these projects, I worked as our UX Designer, Developer, and Producer.


Barrels and Bulls

Barrels and Bulls is grabs a previously untapped source of amazing verbs by the horns: Rodeo clowns.

Control 1-2 clowns with an assortment of tools at their disposal to KO bulls, protect cowboys, and wreck hillybilly-built mecha (it gets weird!). 

Coming soon to the iOS App Store & Google Play store!

Must Party Forever

Must Party Forever was created over a weekend for the Adventure Time themed Game Making Frenzy. This was our first project as One and a Half Beards!

Finn's been kidnapped! Using the power granted to him by the Party God, Jake needs to blast through trees, dancing bugs, stupid rocks, and other weird stuff to save him from the gnomes.

Play our (unfortunately buggy due to HTML-rot) prototype!


A SIDE V B SIDE is a local asteroid-style multiplayer game created for the Space Cowboy themed Game Making Frenzy. Take control of one of two original space explorers: monkeys and dogs. Use your ships gravity manipulation to send asteroids through the portal to destroy the other side.

This was initially targeting an Ouya style system, but support was discontinued. We're keeping potential next steps with this project in mind!